I played in a punk band in high school. This limited my academic possibilities and I ended up studying theoretical mathematics, which was actually easy to me.

Confronted there with computers, I found them utterly boring. Then came the Mac and even cooler interactive machines. I thought this will change the world and I traded my guitar for a Mac as the weapon of revolution.

At the time most IT people were concerned with adopting the tech to how people worked. My idea was the opposite; computers should allow us to work in completely new ways. Therefore, I founded a company called Unusual Systems.

There were actually managers in large organizations having the same idea, so the we grew, doing revolutionary projects for companies like Volvo, IKEA, Microsoft, the Swedish Pharmacies and The National Board of Health and Welfare.

When the internet boom came in the late 90ies I thought the industry got boring. We had designed a full-fledged internet bank in 1995, but in 1998 web design companies became famous for web based brochures with spinning logos. So we sold the company and I became independent.

We had developed a methodology for revolutionary IT projects over the years. The principle is to identify ideal ways for people to do something, and then come up with tech that supports the new ways. I thought architects must have used similar processes to design buildings for like a thousand years. So I approached the KTH school of architecture to learn more. They claimed to have no such methodology and asked me to teach design processes.

This lead me to be engaged by mining company LKAB to help relocate two entire cities: Kiruna and Malmberget. They had found that the traditional urban planning approach in Sweden didn’t work on these projects. So I adopted our method and we engaged citizens in Malmberget to share their ideal everyday life in a future new city. We used these stories to create blueprints for a radically new type of town center, now being built now.

We did a similar project for a part of Kiruna, ending up with a rather spectacular village for both high tech work life and direct nature access.

During these years I also did projects on for instance IT based services for citizens in Stockholm, London and Edinburgh, eGovernment innovation for the Baltic region and a digital assistant for students in Europe.

My strength is in the method, challenging assumptions and the ability to quickly learn new things.

I give talks on my experience, approaches to innovation and what future we will create. I do workshops, feasibility studies and, of course; small or big projects.

I am always looking for new ideas, problems or challenges to work on.

And I love meeting new people over coffee, learning & sharing!

The Golden Link, Finalist, 2016
The Swedish
Architects' Planning Award, Nomination, 2014
Svenska Designpriset, Silver, 2007
eChallenges Best Paper Award, 2007

NabarroNathanson Technology Awards 2003, for the Most Innovative Use of Technology