Many will accept things they they are But some of use aren't satisfied
People’s expectations evolve & tech develops So there will be better ways to do things  This is what innovation is about
Our clients are managers who look at something important and think: there’s got to be a better way to do this.

The phrase has always been defining our work. And we started using tech to help improve the way things are done, well ahead of most. Already in the 80ies we introduced AI and machine learning to improve car engine design and automate credit rating.

In 09 we helped create the way to move two entire mining cities. In 13 we led the design of a whole town. Since 16 we work extensively with digital disruption of the construction industry.

The different projects got the Navarro Nathanson Innovation award in 03, the Swedish Design Award in 06, eChallenges Best Research Award in 06 and was even a finalist in the Swedish Planning Award in 14.

Our clients include Volvo, IKEA, Microsoft, LKAB, the cities of Stockholm & London. They all looked at something important and told us ”there’s got to be a better way to do this.”


At the moment we are working extensively with digitization of the ACE (construction) industry. For instance with Build 4.0 (en) / Bygg 4.0 (se).



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