Toranda INDOOR Oasis

The beach section of the Arctic Oasis - indoor!

The beach section of the Arctic Oasis - indoor!

The arctic winter is long and dark. The longing for light and warmth is strong. Those who live here are used to travel long distances. But trips to sunny places are expensive and take a long time. There are some direct flights, but most trips require extra 1-2 nights. (There are, however, groups of Kiruna miners who go to Thailand 3 times a year!)

The tourism is the Barents region is increasing rapidly, both local and international visitors. Within the region IKEA already attract some 3 million people, increasing yearly. In the North of Finland and Sweden alone, there are 7.4 million overnight stays.

Therefore we will create an oasis, offering super summer, for weekend trips and longer stays several times a year. Where you change in to shorts on arrival and don’t need the coat for days.

The best time together!

The Harbor town - all indoor!

The Harbor town - all indoor!

Eternal summer, under a roof

Toranda Arctic Oasis offers a complete vacation in the sun, under a common roof. Cold winter, drizzling fall, chilly spring or rainy summer doesn’t matter anymore. In the Oasis the weather and climate is always perfect.

Here you’ll find several different environments; the harbor town, the water falls, the calm beach, the watersports land, movie/concert/event hall. This makes Toranda Arctic Oasis a world unique resort. Rather than just one activity the Oasis offers everything for a complete sun vacation for a week, even for the picky and restless.

The size and design with 450 hotel rooms takes away the feeling of being indoors and you’ll never be bored. There is always something to discover, if you wish to. Otherwise you can just relax and hang out.

Erkki Hanhirova, Idea and Client, H-Equity Oy
Lars Albinsson, Creative Direction and Concept, Maestro Management AB
Kai Wartiainen, Architecture and Urban Design, arkitektur+ development ab

Simon Kallioinen, a+ d, Architecture & Visualizations
Ingrid Reppen, a+ d, Planning  
Michal Kubrak, a+ d, Visualizations
Lotta Grönkvist, Maestro Management, Illustrations and Graphics

Research and Expertise
Peter Majanen, Quattroporte, Leisuer Activity Research
Jonny Larsson, Chef and Restaurant owner, Restaurant Business
Henrik Tisell, Arkios, Hotel Business